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Real Estate

Saunders Development Company, is a development company specializing in high-end residential, student living and mixed-used commercial projects across Nigeria.

We create high-quality, added-value developments, offering our network of investors outstanding land and property investment opportunities.We specialize in quality residential-led projects, predominantly as well as other housing-led developments.Our team is made up of seasoned professionals with vast experience in key sectors of the Real Estate industry.

Saunders Development Company Limited (“Saunders”) is the subsidiary of Sankore Global Investments that specializes in real estate advisory, real estate asset management and property development.
Our team is made up of seasoned industry experts who employ current trends and have experience which cuts across residential, commercial and retail. Our team has been involved in notabledevelopmentinLagosandthe country at large.
We leverage on our unique expertise and our market research-oriented approach real estate solutions aimed at improving the returns for our clients, optimizing their assets and all other unique investment decisions given the underlying market conditions.

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Range of Services

Having a clear understanding of our customer, their needs, behaviors, motivations, common touchpoints, the media and channels they are exposed, to is critical to our work. Our thinking and methodology affect the way we look at the challenges of our potential customers. Below are our key areas of interest:


  • Real Estate Portfolio Optimization 
  • Real Estate Asset Allocation 
  • Feasibility Report

Asset Management

  • Property/Facility Management 
  • Agency
  • Title Perfection

Property Development

  • Project Management Design
  • Joint Venture