It has been a learning experience at Sankore with opportunities to take on responsibility. I have learned a lot about Investments and Financial products here, I also have been able to learn about innovative technology and apply those skills in my daily work. The people are intelligent and hardworking. It definitely is a great working environment

Bobby Nwokonneya

In Sankore, I have learnt to have a mindset of continuous improvement due to the high level of competency expected. I have learned to be agile in this environment in execution of my day to day tasks while maintaining a high level of proficiency. Constant engagement with other team members helped push my productivity as feedback and exchanges with management is carried out in constructive manner. Most importantly, my work-life balance has been healthy and could not be any better

Temitope Aderogba
Real Estate

Sankore is a place where you meet individuals with different skill sets, aspirations, and attitudes. I have learnt what a real business is, to think independently, be creative, and to push myself out of my comfort zone. With robust core values, the company adds significant value to each employee and helps us reach our peak potential.

Rasheed Olaoluwa
Funds Management

The beauty of Sankore is it’s “open door” culture where everyone is awarded the same exposure to management and encouraged to have a voice from top management to support staff. Hard work thrives here and a learning culture with each team member willing to teach and be taught, strengthening the wealth of knowledge of the firm. I am proud to be a member of an organization as this.

Lilian Isih
Client Experience

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