New Ventures for Investors

We have just added two new products to our existing products list that is expected to return 15 percent and 17 percent respectively per annum.

Speaking to clients last week, our founder and CEO Titi Adeoye said the new products came after much thoughts by the team to find other ways to invest the funds of their clients other than the equities market and treasury bills.

“I believe that investments can grow our country and we can put money into areas that can solve problems in the country, like agriculture and housing.”

The Country Manager of AFEX Commodities, Ayodeji Balogun who was also present at the event spoke about the Sankore Agriculture Fund.

A bulk of the investments will be done by AFEX, an organization which provides innovative solutions for the Agricultural sector in Nigeria.

According to Ayodeji, the two asset classes that have real value in Nigeria are housing and food, this is because Nigeria’s growing population will need where to sleep and eat.

Sankore Agriculture Fund and Real Wealth Fund 

The Sankore Agriculture Fund is a commodity investment, which pools funds for the primary purpose of investing in income- generating agricultural practices, to increase crop yields or assist in building storage and processing capacity to broaden local value addition.

The Fund will have a principal protected return of 17 percent annually and the minimum investment is N5, 000,000 while the Real wealth fund is an alternative investment, which pools funds for the primary purpose of investing in income- generating real estate, such as residential homes, student housing, and affordable housing units, while taking advantage of tax exemptions, it will have an expected return of 17 percent annually.

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