Founded in 2010, Sankore Investments is a wealth management firm that provides advisory, brokerage, fund management and other investment services to a range of clients including individuals and corporations.

We are duly licensed by the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and hold the following SEC registrations across our business units: Investment Adviser, Portfolio Manager, Fund Manager, Broker/Dealer, Registrar, Issuing House and Trustee.


Notably named after the most famous learning centre of ancient Africa – the Sankore Madrasah of Timbuktu, We are dedicated to upholding traditional best practices while commiting to continuous improvement.

Our Core Values


At Sankore we expect our people to maintain the highest ethical standards in all that they do and pride ourselves on our uncompromising integrity; the reason behind the unwavering trust we have from our clients and partners.


Part of our business success is from our willingness to put the needs of our clients first. We have seen the value in fostering this culture, not only with our clients but amongst our employees, thereby allowing us to achieve the gold standard in relationship management.

Intellectual Rigour

Acquiring new skills and honing old ones drives us to focus on learning and improving. We are continuously building up our team with some of the brightest and most innovative minds around so we can always be relied upon to offer the best.


Working comfortably together with both colleagues and clients is imperative to sustaining a business. At Sankore our culture is transparent and collaborative as we believe that a team that works is built on mutual respect, inclusion and appreciation.


We believe that doing better is always possible so we consistently pursue the highest quality. Attention to detail, proficiency and drive are more than just skills, but an attitude for us here at Sankore; not only to meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our Vision

To be the pre-eminent force of progressive wealth creation in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To deliver persistent growth in wealth to our clients through our mastery of ethical capital management and by providing a vibrant range of products specifically engineered for optimal investment.